Usher Engineering Corner Weight Calculator

Enter wheel weights, Hit Calculate and Read your Totals, if you Enter Your Left Bias (inside weight) or Cross weight (wedge) it will calculate your wheel weights!

****Remember to be careful which side your cross weight is depending on Clockwise or anti clockwise racing****


Left Front
Right Front
Left Rear
Right Rear

Total Weight
Left Bias (%)
Rear Bias (%)
Wedge (%)

Left is as you sit in the drivers seat
RF + LR or LF + RR = Answer Divided by Total Weight = Cross Weight (wedge) in %
RF + RR or LF + LR = Answer Divided by Total Weight = Inside Weight (Left Bias) in %

Enter LF, RF, LR, RR Existing Wheel Weights Hit Calculate If you require a different Inside Weight (Left Bias) you can enter the desired percentage Hit the lower Calculate and it will change the wheel weights to suit, same applies to Cross weight (wedge)

Please note: If your car is not built with the correct weights in the chassis you may not be able to achieve your desired weights.



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